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Lo-Sheng Sanatorium And Health Ministry of Health And Welfare Lo-Sheng Sanatorium And Health Ministry of Health And Welfare
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Lo-Sheng Sanatorium introduction
Lo-Sheng Sanatorium, built in 1930, is the only government-run leprosy institution which provides acute and long-term care exclusively for patients with Hansen disease (HD). Compulsory segregation in Lo-Sheng Sanatorium was imposed to control HD until 1962. Following that, the admission was voluntary. Multi-drug therapy (MDT) for Taiwanese HD patients began in 1982 on recommendations made by the World Health Organization . Lo-Sheng Sanatorium 1

After great efforts in public health, including training programs for local public health workers in recognizing the disease and monitoring HD cases, Taiwan has succeeded in HD control and treatment. In 2010, there are 1,209 registered HD patients in Taiwan , 232 of whom live in Lo-Sheng Sanatorium. The prevalence of HD is 0.48 per 100,000 and the incidence is 0.3 per million. Seven new HD patients have been identified in 2009. Five of them are foreign laborers or brides from the Southeast of the Asia .

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With the aim at providing better medical services, the new building with modern facilities was opened in 2005. Right now not only does Lo-Sheng Sanatorium offer care, including medical, convalescent and rehabilitation care for HD patients in Lo-Sheng, and surveillance of the victims all around the island, but provides medical and health services for Huei-Long community residents . We hope the disease will be eradicated in Taiwan in the near future and become a community hospital with the highest quality of care.

•  Continue care and control of Hansen's Disease

•  Building healthy community & the best medical care

To be the most reliable medical service team  
The best hospital in Huei-Long community  



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